Available models calculated (Protein Family) :

Several genomes, databases, or protein family have been modeled during various studies with the help of automatic procedure of @TOME.
Some results are available here for scientific community. Any use for commercial purposes is prohibited. The service is provided on a "as is" basis without warranties of any kind.

Protein Family
Num 3D Models Protein Family Description Organism Nb of Seq. Date
20 HDAC_TOXGG (@tome v2.3) Histone DeACetylases Toxoplasma 5 2017 Jun
21 HDAC_TOXGM (@tome v2.3) Histone DeACetylases Toxoplasma 5 2017 Jun
22 LI_PKS (@tome v2.3) Protein Kinase Leishmania infantum 208 2018 Mar
23 HDAC_LEIIN (@tome v2.3) Histone DeACetylases Leishmania infantum 4 2017 Sep
24 SLC_HUMAN (@tome v2.3) The solute carrier (SLC) group of membrane transport proteins Homo sapiens 393 2017 Oct
25 GLUT_HUMAN (@tome v2.3) Glucose transporter Homo sapiens 12 2018 Mar
26 MAX_EFFECT (@tome v2.3) Magnaporthe Avirulence TOXb Magnaporthe 32 2018 Mar
27 MAX_DIVERS (@tome v2.3) Magnaporthe Avirulence TOXb 2 Magnaporthe 140 2018 Mar
28 NR_HUMAN_I90 (@tome v2.0) Human family of nuclear receptors Homo sapiens 48 2018 Nov
29 APH_2019 (@tome v2.0) Aminoglycoside Phosphotransferase Bacteria 351 2019 Jan
30 APH2 (@tome v2.0) focused screen of APH enzymes from selected human pathogens bacterial pathogens 41 2019 Jan

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